Created for Health is a home visitation practice.

I come to you; call it house calls, home visits or an "old school" doctor, we come to you to facilitate regaining and maintaining your health and vitality.

The object of natural and vitalistic medicine is to stimulate the body to function and respond appropriately to its environment and stresses. There always needs to be a balance in our lives. Much of today's lifestyle removes and alters the balance. But it can be regained.

Naturopathic medicine and Vitalism believes in and practices based on certain principles. The principles are:

  • The healing power of nature
  • Treating the cause
  • First, do no harm
  • Doctor as Teacher
  • Treat the whole person
  • Prevention

The naturopath also follows an order of treatment. The primary step is to establish or re-establish the conditions for health. Then we move into stimulating the body. The body is a created system and it knows how it is supposed to function and work. When it gets derailed, the body needs certain types and amounts of stimuli in order to get it back on track. The naturopah can tonify a body system, correct structural integrity and/or may use substances in order to support the body in healing itself. The doctor ultimately is only the director, it is you and your body that will do the healing.

Vitalism is a central tenet in the philosophy of Naturopathic medicine. It is the view that forces beyond the physical self and our own explanations govern life. It is the inherent capacities of the person to live, grow, develop and heal. Vitalism believes that the origin and phenomena of life are due to or produced by a vital principle, as distinct from a purely chemical or physical force. The holistic approach of Naturopathic medicine recognizes that the spiritual, psychological, functional and structural aspects are one and the same. To treat the individual you have to treat all aspects of the person as well as their environment. It is my job, not to remove disease, but to stimulate your body through the various modalities (treatments) to function appropriately and remove the disease itself. By righting the outside and stimulating the body correctly, the body responds and then heals.

Edward E. Puriton says Naturopathy holds...

That Naturuopathy begins where any school of healing stops- with the individual. It esteems a man more than a theory, fitting it to him- not him to it.

That disease is beneficient in its purpose, to be welcomed rather than feared.

To experience the buoyant joy of abounding health, a man must first of all exert himself.

That success is self-expression, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. To be utterly true is to succeed- financial as well as philosophically.

The Naturopath and Herald of Health. Sept. 1906. Vol VII. No 8.

There are many options for treatment. Below are three of the main ones that are used.

 Water Treading Area, Kur Park, Bad Worishofen, German

Water Treading Area, Kur Park, Bad Worishofen, German


Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries. In some cultures, it is very common and apart of peoples daily or weekly lives. In simplest terms, it is the use of water in order to get a reaction from the body towards healing or tonifying.

 Homeopathic Cabinet, Bad Sulza, Germany

Homeopathic Cabinet, Bad Sulza, Germany


Homeopathy began in the 1700's and is the idea of "like cures like." Diluted doses of a substance are used in order to stimulate the body and allow the body itself to do the healing. It can work on both physical and emotional planes.

 Medicinal Herbal Garden, Kur Park, Bad Worishofen, Germany

Medicinal Herbal Garden, Kur Park, Bad Worishofen, Germany


Medicinal herbs have been used for centuries. They can be used in both small and large doses. They can stimulate the body to react or they can take of a body function. They can also support and help restore certain body systems and functions.


All the treatments options are chosen based on the individual as well as the individual concerns. At the same time, no issue is looked at independently. The body is a whole and treatments look to take all of you as a whole person into account! It can often look dark and daunting in the midst of pain or discomfort. It can be difficult to believe that health can be restored. But there are options out there to be explored for you. It does not benefit you in the long run to just treat symptoms, but only in treating the cause and all of you, can healing take place and vitality be restored and maintained. Allow the light to refill you body and mind and allow us to go on that journey together.

"The high and only mission of a physician is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed." Samuel Hahnemann

The short answer is: it is not what modality that is used, but how and why the modality is used. Is the treatment restoring your vitality or not?