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Created for Health believes our bodies exist with design and function.  Just as the arm is designed to throw a baseball at ninety miles an hour, swing an ax to chop wood or scale a palm tree, so our eyes are designed to refract light and decipher colors and read complex meaning into symbols called language. Not every one of us achieves the same competency with each part of our body, but our design is unmistakable. Our function is to maximize the capacity in our bodies, and while this is remarkable when seeing someone scale a rock face, it is equally as wonderful to see the function and capacity that the body has to heal itself.

Consistent with this, my practice of Vitalistic medicine works toward removing inhibitors to your strength and health, and toward revitalizing your body’s natural rhythms of restoring itself to wholeness and balance in the elemental functions of your body.


An example might be helpful here. If a person is experiencing a spreading rash, and sees a dermatologist who diagnoses contact dermatitis, a topical cream might be prescribed, along with lifestyle habits of washing clothing often and covering affected areas.  This may or may not stop the spread of the rash, but it does not often systemically stop it.

We have found that for one individual, a functional inability of their body to process fruit is resulting in a rash that deepens and itches; or causes flashes of uncontrollable anger, which may also have two or three systemic causes. For another individual, rashes may spread quickly over the body and be joined by boils forming under the arms; a functional inability to produce the enzyme that breaks down and digests potato substance is at the bottom of their outbreak.

Each person is individually created. Our goal is to discover underlying causes to chronic failures of the body to heal itself, remove those hindrances and then stimulate the body and its own intrinsic healing functions.

Lastly, Created for Health affirms the intrinsic worth of each individual person, created with design and function for a distinct purpose. Good health enables a stewardship of each of our gifts and resources, so that we might work and play with excellence, and enjoy our family and friends with awareness and energy.

Naturopathic Medicine believes in and practices based on certain principles. The principles are:

  • The healing power of nature

  • Treating the cause

  • First, do no harm

  • Doctor as Teacher

  • Treat the whole person

  • Prevention


Edward E. Puriton says Naturopathy holds...

That Naturuopathy begins where any school of healing stops- with the individual. It esteems a man more than a theory, fitting it to him- not him to it.

That disease is beneficient in its purpose, to be welcomed rather than feared.

To experience the buoyant joy of abounding health, a man must first of all exert himself.

That success is self-expression, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. To be utterly true is to succeed- financial as well as philosophically.

The Naturopath and Herald of Health. Sept. 1906. Vol VII. No 8.

There are many options for treatment. Below are three of the main ones that are used.

Water Treading Area, Bad Worishofen, Germany

Water Treading Area, Bad Worishofen, Germany


Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries. In some cultures, it is very common and apart of peoples daily lives. In simplest terms, it is the use of water in order to get a reaction from the body towards healing.





Homeopathy began in the 1700's and is the idea of "like cures like." Diluted doses of a substance are used in order to stimulate the body and allow the body itself to do the healing.

Medicinal Garden, Bad Worishofen, Germany

Medicinal Garden, Bad Worishofen, Germany


Medicinal herbs have been used for centuries. They can be used in both small and large doses. They can stimulate the body to react, take over a body function or they can support and restore body systems and functions.


All the treatments options are chosen based on the individual as well as the individual concerns. At the same time, no issue is looked at independently. The body is a whole and treatments look to take all of you as a whole person into account! It can often look dark and daunting in the midst of pain or discomfort. It can be difficult to believe that health can be restored. But there are options out there to be explored for you. It does not benefit you in the long run to just treat symptoms, but only in treating the cause and all of you, can healing take place and vitality be restored and maintained. Allow the light to refill you body and mind and allow us to go on that journey together.

"The high and only mission of a physician is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed." Samuel Hahnemann

The short answer is: it is not what modality that is used, but how and why the modality is used. Is the treatment restoring your vitality or not?