Principles of Naturopathic Medicine: Tolle Totum

This is another of the principles that seems very obvious to most people, and one would assume is the common approach of most physicians. It is very closely associated with the previous principle, “treat the cause”. In actuality, this approach has become contrary to the approach of most medical practitioners.

When someone has high blood pressure, a doctor will usually give the patient a prescription  that lowers the blood pressure. There is nothing wrong with that, but what if the person is also dehydrated (diuretics are often used for high blood pressure). The patient is extremely stressed from work and they have digestive problems. There is still nothing wrong with supporting healthy blood pressure, but if we treat each item individually, the person is now on multiple supplements or prescriptions (high blood pressure, dehydration, digestive support, and stress management) that may actually antagonize each other or create new issues.

We can actually address many of those conditions under one treatment or a few treatments that cover all of them. When we address the whole person, their whole life improves, not just their blood pressure. Often times the treatments that are chosen do not seem like they address a particular issue. When a treatment looks to treat the whole person, it takes the improvement of all of their issues into account.

It could also mean that a number of things need to be done. Treatments to deal with the blood pressure and digestive problems. Counseling or better life balance to deal with the stressful job and changing water or mineral intake to deal with the dehydration/digestion.