Naturopathic Philosophy

Selections from the “Narcotic Education” article from the August 1937 Naturopath and Herald of Health Journal give provocative food for thought regarding the practice of natural medicine.  The Journal went through many name changes in its 35+ year history. But throughout its time of publication, the Journal, its editor and the contributors held firmly to what they believe to be Naturopathic medicine, giving definition, clarity and direction to this art of healing.

Dr. I Stanislaus Weinger writes,

“The school of Naturopathy adopts a pathological and therapeutic basis that is entirely different from all other schools of the healing arts. Naturopathy teaches that diseases can be cured only by the use of such agencies as conform to the laws of Life and Health and assist the powers of Nature. It rejects poisonous drugs of all kinds, and refuses a place in its armamentarium any article that tends to cause disease. IT DENIES THAT THE SKILL OF MAN CAN IMPART A CURATIVE POWER TO AN AGENT THAT GOD HAS STAMPED WITH THE POWER TO DESTROY. It does not reject the old, merely because it is old, nor does it accept the new, because of its being new; but reads the open book of Nature as the one grand source of earthly wisdom, and weighs everything in the balances of NATURE’S TRUTH.”

“The physical basis of life is always VITAL, not CHEMICAL. The conservation of the VITAL FORCE is the pivotal point in our therapeutics. No agent that is harmful to the physiological unit of human life, or to the protoplasmic cell must find a place in our Armamentarium Medicorum.”

“Poisons produce disease; therefore, their presence in the system is physiologically criminal. A true remedy which is non-poisonous, acts in harmony with the desires of the VITAL FORCE and when Nature calls for help, true Naturopathic administration of remedies must answer that call by harmonious action.”

“A poison is dynamically active; a Naturopathic remedy is passive, yet it is possessed of influence on the system. A poison is destructive; Naturopathic remedies are restorative in their influence.”

“Narcotics do not cause any immediate and palpable destruction of structure, but they lessen the vital sensibilities of the tissues and deaden and paralyze the nerve sensations until they destroy the function altogether.”